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Reports and Notifications







A weekly summary report is available to show the performance of promotions and volumes of basket validations over the last 7 days.


The weekly summary report can be viewed at any time by Organisation Administrator users or users with the Company Administrator role.  To view the weekly summary report, go to Reports and Notifications under Configuration and select View Weekly Summary Report from the toolbar.


The weekly summary report can also be automatically delivered to users via email once a week, by selecting the Receive weekly summary report by email? option.  The report will be delivered to users defined in the Company Watchers list.  To include a detailed report for each of the top 10 performing promotions in the period, select the Include top 10 promotion activity reports with emailed weekly summary? option.


To receive weekly report emails on specific promotions, see Configuration Promotions - Notifications.





Company watchers can receive notification emails when published promotions are amended, and for promotions that are configured with notifications (further to the promotion watchers defined against the promotion).   For more information on configuring notifications against promotions, see Configuration Promotions - Notifications.







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