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Qixol Promo splits functionality into separate modules. 


Extended Modules are enabled upon request and may incur an additional monthly charge - contact Qixol to discuss the modules enabled for companies in your organisation.





Extended Module

 Promotions Management

Create and manage complex promotions using the Promo rules engine.



 Coupon/Campaign Management

Create and manage coupons as source codes or vouchers.



 Loyalty Scheme Management

Manage Loyalty Schemes, Accounts and Contacts.



 Organisation/Company Management

Manage multiple companies within your organisation.



 Automated Backups

Access on demand or daily automated backups of configuration data.

Note:  The module is enabled upon request.



 Configuration Services

Access advanced services for configuring promotions and more.

Note:  The module is enabled upon request.



 Gift Cards Management

Create and manage gift cards and redeem against their balance.



 Advanced Promotion Rules

Advanced rules for managing the interaction between promotions.

Note:  The module is enabled upon request.






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