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Webhooks provide a mechanism for integrated systems to be informed when events occur in Promo.   A webhook consists of a selected event type and a web URL which receive a payload of data when the selected event occurs.


The following events can trigger a webhook:


Event Name

Require Notification Period?





Triggered after an attribute values import action has completed.




Triggered after a voucher code generate action has completed.




Triggered after a coupon import action is completed.




Where a refer-a-friend promotion has been applied to a confirmed basket - triggered when the referral code is fully utilized.




Triggered after a product import action has completed.




Triggered when a promotion is created in the Promo Portal or via the Promo API.




Triggered when a promotion is deleted in the Promo Portal or via the Promo API.




Triggered when a promotion is updated in the Promo Portal or via the Promo API.




Triggered when a promotion is due to start within a defined period.




Triggered when a promotion is due to end within a defined period.




When a webhook is configured the following fields are available:





Webhook Event


The event for which the webhook will be triggered (see above).

To view the sample payload that will be submitted when the webhook is triggered, select View Sample Payload.

The setting Webhook Payload Data Type specifies the payload data type.



The URL of the target of the webhook.

The payload will be posted to the URL using an HTTP POST action.

See below for details on how webhook delivery failures are handled.



Flag indicating whether the webhook is currently enabled.  Only enabled webhooks will be triggered when events occur.

See below for details on webhook delivery failures and when the Enabled? flag is automatically updated.


Notification Period

Where the selected event requires a notification period, a value must be selected from Minutes, Hours or Days.  Where the event occurs within the period, based on the Notification Period Value the webhook will be triggered.


Notification Period Value

The value to be used with the Notification Period.




Webhook Delivery Failures


When a Webhook event occurs and a Webhook Target is notified of the event, an HTTP response code of 200 (OK) should be received.


Where an HTTP OK response is not received three times or more within a sixty minute period, the Webhook will be automatically disabled.  If an email address is defined in the setting Webhook Disabled Notification Email, the specified email will receive a message indicating the Webhook was disabled.








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