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The Promotion List shows all defined promotions and facilitates the management of those promotions.  Use the grid features to quickly filter, sort and group promotions - including saving common filters and quickly recalling them.


From the Promotion List, the following actions can also be undertaken:


oAdd New, Edit, Delete


Create new promotions using the New Promotion Wizard, or select the Promotion Type.  

Promotions can be edited where they are not in use (or where in use dependant upon the setting Allow Editing of In-Use Promotions? value).

Promotions can be deleted where they are not in use.  Note that an 'In Use' promotion is where the promotion has been applied to a basket that has been submitted via the Promo API.



oCopy a Promotion


Create a copy of a promotion within the current company.   When copying a promotion, a name for the copied promotion must be entered, and the new promotion will then be opened ready for updating. 



oCopy a Promotion to a different Company


Create a copy of a promotion in a different company within the organisation.  The target company must be selected, and the Name, Your Reference, Promotion Group and Reporting Codes can be updated for the copied promotion. 


Where the promotion is dependant upon Coupons, Products, Attribute Values or Currencies that are not found in the target company a warning will be presented. 



oEnd Now


Update the Valid To date for the selected promotion to be the current date and  time, causing the promotion to end. 





View a chart showing the performance of the promotion over time, including the number of confirmed uses and where applicable the average and total discount applied by the promotion.  See Analysis for more information.



oBackup all Promotions


Available where the  Promo Backups Module  is configured for a company.

Extract all promotion definitions to either XML or JSON.  Backup requests are queued and are available by navigating to Backups under Configuration.



oView Definition


Available where the setting Show Developer Tools has a value of true

Extract the selected promotion definition as either XML or JSON.



oView Change History


Where a user has the role Promotion Change Viewer configured - view the history of changes made to a promotion.









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