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Testing and Publishing





After creating a promotion, the Basket Builder can be used to create test basket scenarios to prove the promotion is behaving as expected.   It is recommended to always test created promotions in the Basket Builder, as this will ensure that if there are any unexpected interactions with existing promotions these are known before the promotion is made available to integrated systems. 


When first creating the promotion, it is recommended to leave the Published? field unselected.  This will ensure that the promotion is only available to the Promo Basket Builder, and not to integrated systems.


Once a promotion is published and has been applied to a basket from an integrated system it cannot be changed (dependant upon the setting Allow Editing of In-Use Promotions?), which is why testing the promotion before publishing is important.



Publishing the Promotion


When the promotion has been tested and is ready to be made available to integrated systems, edit the promotion and update the Published? field to have a value of true.








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