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Test baskets can be created and submitted for validation in the Promo Portal using the Basket Builder (available from the Navigation area).  Baskets submitted for validation from the basket builder can be used to test the way promotions are applied, including looking at how new promotions may interact with existing promotions.   The baskets validated from the Basket Builder are not included in the usage statistics for Promotions or Coupon/Voucher codes.


To get started, add one or more products to the basket using the Select Product(s) or Enter Product drop-down menu items.  Optionally add a coupon code if required.   The Sale Date (which is defaulted to the current date and time when first navigating to the Basket Builder,  or when selecting Clear All on the toolbar) will be used to identify which promotions are active for the basket.  The Basket Id is a generated unique reference (select Clear All on the toolbar to regenerate).


To submit the basket for validation to the Promo engine, select Validate from the toolbar.



Custom Attributes


Custom Attributes for Baskets are shown on the Basket Attributes tab, and where the attribute has defined values these will be presented in a drop-down list.   Custom attributes for Products can also be shown in the Products grid, for product attributes configured with the Use value provided with basket lines? flag with a value of true.  To show custom product attributes in the products grid, select the three dots in the header of any column, and from the pop-up menu select the required product attribute under the Columns menu.





The Options tab provides the following fields:





Include unpublished promotions when validating?

Select whether the promotion validation should include promotions that are unpublished.



Confirm basket? (Code issuing and redemption will be committed)

Select whether the basket will be submitted with the confirmed field set to a value of true.


This option is only visible where the setting Confirm Code Use from Basket Builder is configured with a value of true.


For more information on confirming baskets, see Confirmed Baskets.







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