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Qixol Promo provides the  Loyalty Scheme Management module, to manage Loyalty Schemes, Accounts and Contacts.



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The Promo Loyalty Scheme Management module is designed to expand the functionality of the Promo basket validation routines.  This can include:


oIdentifying customers as being part of a Loyalty Scheme, and therefore applying promotions which are only available to customer in that Scheme

oEarning points for customers in a Scheme based on basket spend

oEarning points for Issue Points type promotions applied to the basket

oEarning points for customers who are not in a Scheme (Loyalty prospects).  Points earned for Prospects can ten be communicated to the customer to encourage them to sign up


Further to this, the Loyalty Scheme Management module provides additional API routines to support the checkout steps of the sales process:


oContact Enquiry to lookup the points available to be redeemed for the contact

oRedeem Points for an account against the transaction


Tools are provided to allow the Portal users to manage Schemes, Accounts and Contacts, including:


oBlocking and unblocking accounts, and viewing history of blocking activity

oViewing transaction history for accounts and contacts

oMoving accounts between Schemes

oBulk Imports of Accounts and Contacts

oManual points adjustments



And much more....










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