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Qixol Promo introduces a new way to manage Gift Card Numbers, their balances and life cycle.  Designed to fit easily with existing platforms whether the requirement is for the management of physical gift card balances or a purely digital solution.  Import existing card numbers and their balances and generate new card numbers in batches.  Simple APIs empower integrated systems to provide customers with their balances and redeem against transactions.  Manage all cards from the Promo Portal, including balance adjustments and withdrawals, tracking all activity by reporting codes and analysing card activity over time.


If you'd like a full introduction to the  Qixol Promo Gift Cards module , please get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange a demonstration and to review your requirements.



Card Numbers


Card numbers can be generated based on the configuration of the Card Group within which they reside.  Card numbers can be imported in bulk to facilitate take-on activities and batch processing.  Finally, a card number can also be created using a user-defined value, when permitted by the Card Group configuration.  Each card number has a status which indicates what actions may be performed against it.   Card numbers can optionally be configured with an expiration date.



Managing Card Numbers


From creation to redemption, card number management is simple using the Promo API services for integrated systems, or using the Promo Portal for support members.


View the available Promo API services for gift card management.



Reporting and Analysis


Define reporting codes for Adjustments, Withdrawals and Redemptions and analyse transactional activity over time.  Extract summarised statistics per day for each reporting code, or card group.









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