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Code Locks





Code Locks allow a code which has a restricted number of available uses to be locked against a basket, so that while the basket transaction is in progress the code cannot be fully utilized by any other basket transaction.


To enable Code Locks, update the setting Coupon Code Locks Enabled to have a value of True.



Where are code locks used?


oA basket is validated by the Promo basket validation routine

oWhere the basket is not confirmed

oWhere the basket includes a code that is available, and where the code has a restricted number of uses

oWhere a code has been utilized by a promotion applied to the basket

oA lock is placed on the code to indicate an in-progress utilization, and this reduces the available uses for other transactions

oThe lock is automatically released after a defined number of minutes (based on the setting Coupon Code Lock Release Time (minutes))



Viewing Locks


Code locks for a Code can be viewed in the Promo Portal, by navigating to the Source Code or Voucher for the code, viewing the list of codes, and for the selected code, select View Locks from the toolbar.





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