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Getting started





The Promo API is designed to be intuitive and quick to start using.  The Promo API exposes RESTful services, split based on the company type (production or evaluation/development) and for production companies is restricted by IP address.  All interactions with the API must provide a Services Interaction Key which tells the API which company the request is interacting with.


Requests made to the Promo API can use either JSON or XML, and the response will be provided in the same format as the request.


View the full definition of the Promo API, including schemas and samples.



Need a little more help?


Qixol provides extended documentation on how to get started with your integration as part of the Promo Welcome Pack, including


oPlanning your integration, workshops and information gathering

oData design and how to make the most of attributes

oConfiguring Organisations and Companies

oIntegration insights and design


The Promo Welcome Pack is provided to customers when they start their Promo subscription - so if you're ready to talk about getting started with Qixol Promo, please contact the Qixol Promo support team  and they will be happy to help.



Viewing XML or JSON


To aid integration developers it is possible to view many of the Promo entities (Baskets, Products, Attributes, Promotions and more) as XML or JSON.  This can be useful to provide examples of how data will be returned from the Promo API services, or submitted to it.   To view the XML or JSON or an entity, select View XML or View JSON from the toolbar.


Note:  the View XML and View JSON toolbar buttons are only available where the setting Show Developer Tools is configured with a value of true.




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