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Organisations and Companies







A company in Qixol Promo represents a distinct business unit or environment.  Each company contains an isolated set of Products, Attributes and Values, Coupons, Promotions, Loyalty Schemes and more.


Companies with be configured as either:


oEvaluation/Development company


For use when evaluating or developing integrations for Qixol Promo, and also for sandbox and all other non-production scenarios.  Companies have a maximum number of permitted products, coupon codes, promotions, basket lines and users.   To review the limits of your evaluation/development company please get in touch.


Interactions through the Qixol Promo API against evaluation/development companies is not restricted by IP address.  There are restrictions on the number of calls that can be made against the Qixol Promo API services for evaluation companies, in most cases this is a maximum of 1 call per second.


The services interaction key, required for all interactions with the Qixol Promo API, is visible within the Qixol Promo Portal by navigating to Manage Company.



oProduction company


For use with production environments.  There are no limits on the permitted number of products, coupon codes, promotions basket lines and users.


Interactions through the Qixol Promo API for production companies are not restricted for high-volume service methods (basket validation, coupon code validation).


Interactions to all Qixol Promo API service methods for production companies can optionally be restricted by IP address for further security.


The services interaction key, required for all interactions with the Qixol Promo API, is not visible within the Qixol Promo Portal.  The key is provided to the primary organisation contact upon request, and when the company is configured for production.



Use the settings Company Display Name to set the display name of a company, and the setting Company Display Highlight i to set the column highlight colour for a company.






An organisation may contain more than one Company - typically where a company is created for each environment, such as Production, Testing and Development.  Each subscription is for an organisation, and billing is based on the volume of transaction validations completed against all companies within the organisation.


Organisations are managed by navigating to the Organisation Dashboard.  When logging in to the Qixol Promo Portal, and where the organisation contains more than one company, the Organisation Dashboard will be displayed allowing the user to select which company they then wish to open.


The Organisation Dashboard is where administrative users may:


oCreate new companies, optionally including sample data

oManage users

oAssign user permissions with all companies

oManage organisation-level information, including billing and primary contact details


When within a company, the Organisation Dashboard can be access from the companies list drop-down menu towards the top right of the page.







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