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Voucher Number Series





A Voucher Number Series is an incrementing number which can be used when generating Voucher codes, with an optional mask applied to the number. The number series can be associated with one or more Vouchers.


Each number series has the following fields:






A unique name for the number series, visible only in the Promo Portal.



Where applicable, a mask to be used for codes which are generated using the number series.  A mask must contain the replacement character #, which will be replaced when the code is generated with the incremented Last Issue Number.  To pad the number, zeros can be used before the replacement character. 


Additional fixed characters may also be specified in the mask as prefixes or suffixes to the replacement character.


Last Issue Number

Specify the last issue number used for the number series.  The default value is zero.

When a code is generated, the Last Issue Number will be incremented and the new value used for the generated code.









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