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Sign up to get started with a free 30 day evaluation account.  


Evaluation accounts allow you to review the features of Qixol Promo, including prototyping with the API, for a period if 30 days without restrictions on functionality.  There is a data cap in use to restrict the total number of products, promotions and coupon codes that can be created, however evaluating users rarely near these limits.  If you have any problems during evaluation or if you reach a data cap and it is causing your evaluation problems, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


To complete your evaluation sign up, please supply a valid email.  An activation link will be sent to the supplied email address, and the account registration will only be completed once the activation link has been opened.  It can take several minutes for activation links to arrive, so please be patient - and remember to check your junk email folder too if the email can't be found.


The user created when registering will be configured as an Organisation Administrator (meaning they can administer all parts of the subscription, organisation and companies, including creating additional Organisation Administrators), and cannot be deleted as the primary user of the subscription.



Evaluating Company Data


When you register to evaluate Qixol Promo, an organisation and company is created.  The company will contain sample data to help you get started.









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