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Synchronization Jobs


Data synchronization jobs are created to manage the push and pull of data to and from the Qixol Promo API.  During the Assisted Setup (where either the Push Items to Promo or Pull Promotions from Promo fields are selected) the Jobs will be automatically created.  If the Jobs are not created during the Assisted Setup, they can be created by selecting the Setup Jobs action, under Promo Integration.


To view the synchronization jobs, go to the search and enter Job Queue Entries.   The following Job Queue entries are available:



Job Details



Qixol Promo - Sync Attributes to Promo

Recurring Job: Yes

Run Days: All

Frequency: 24 hours


Push known values for basket attributes to Promo.

Qixol Promo - Sync Items to Promo

Recurring Job: Yes

Run Days: All

Frequency: 2 hours


Push Items details to Promo.  The attributes included with each Item are configurable under Promo Integration.  After the initial synchronization of all items, only inserted, modified or deleted Item details will be synchronized.


Qixol Promo - Sync Promotions from Promo

Recurring Job: Yes

Run Days: All

Frequency: 24 hours


Pull details of promotions from Promo.  The promotion information retrieved includes details of Items which are on promotion, and collateral information (banner image Url, customer prompt and terms of use).




Data Setup


It is recommended to configure Business Central such that all Sales Orders are archived when they are deleted.  This will ensure that the details of applied promotions are persisted for deleted Sales Orders, but also for orders which are posted.


To enable the archiving of Sales Orders, search for Sales & Receivables Setup, and then under Archiving, select Sales Orders.








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