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Missed Promotions





Missed promotions are returned when a Calculation Operation is undertaken for Sales Order.  A missed promotion is a promotion that has been partially matched to the Sales Order, but would need additional spend or quantity to trigger.  By informing the customer of missed promotions, the operator can capitalise on upsell opportunities.


To view the missed promotions for a Sales Order, select Missed Promotions under Process, or in the Promotion Information area.


For a missed promotion, the following fields are available:






Promo ID


The unique ID assigned to the promotion by Promo.




The name of the promotion as entered in Promo.


Display Text


Text to help the user understand the benefits of the promotion.




A brief description of the benefit the promotion will provide when applied to the Sales Order.




The actions required to fulfil the requirements of the missed promotion are listed under the Actions section.  If the promotion is basket level, then typically the Actions will indicate the total additional spend for the Sales Order in order to trigger the promotion.  If the promotion is line level, then the Actions will indicate which the action required for each product criteria group.  The fields available for the missed promotion Actions are:








The action to be completed.


Quantity To Add


Where applicable, the quantity to be added.


Additional Spend


Where applicable, the additional spend required.


To Group


The product criteria group against which the action should be applied.




The Partially matched or missing criteria list shows the Items that have been matched against product criteria groups, and where applicable any missing Items.  For each criteria item, the following fields are available:








The group to which the criteria belongs.




The criteria type, either Product or Product Attribute.    Where the Type is for Product Attribute, any product with the defined Attribute Token can be added to satisfy the criteria.


Matched Line(s)


Where applicable, the No of existing Sales Lines which are matched to the criteria.


Item No.


Where the Type is Product, the No of the Item which the criteria is for.


Variant Code


Where the Type is Product and where applicable, the Code of the Item Variant which the criteria is for.




Where the Type is Product Attribute, the name of the Attribute which the criteria is for.




Where the Type is Product Attribute, the value of the Attribute which the criteria is for.




To update the Sales Order to allow the missed promotion to be applied, complete the actions shown by increasing the quantity of Items in the Sales Order, or by adding Items.









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