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The Qixol Promo extension for Business Central expands the Sales Order processing, providing new fields and actions to support validation of the Sales Order and applying promotional benefits.

Calculating Applied Promotions

Promotions are applied to the Sales Order when a Promo Calculation Operation takes place.  The Promo Calculation Operation can be requested by selecting the Calculate Promotions action (where available, depending on configuration).  A Promo Calculation Operation will also be undertaken automatically when the Sales Order status changes, when Sales Lines are changed, and other scenarios, depending on the configuration.


After the Promo Calculate Operation has completed, the Promotion Information area will show the operation results, including:


Promotions Applied

Issued Voucher Codes

Pending/Completed Free Gift Selections

Missed Promotions


To configure when a Calculation Operation is automatically undertaken, review the Integration Setup.


Sales Order Header


Sales Header now include the following fields:







Voucher/Coupon Code


Enter a voucher/coupon code as supplied by the customer, to be applied to the Sales Order.  When the voucher/coupon code is entered it will be validated to ensure it is a known code and has not expired.  If the code is unknown or expired a validation error will be shown.  The code can then be used when promotions are next calculated for the Sales Order.


Use the Lookup button to view extended details of a validated voucher/coupon code.


Confirm Basket in Promo


Available where the configuration option Confirm on Demand is set to true.




Confirmed Sales Order


As a new Sales Order is created and then later modified, it will typically trigger multiple Calculation Operations by submitting the Sales Order to Qixol Promo - highlighting promotions applied to the Sales Order.  The number of times a Sales Order is submitted to Qixol Promo will be dependant upon the configuration (which dictates when to auto-calculate the promotions), and when the user invokes a Calculation Operation.


When Qixol Promo validates promotions against a Sales Order which has the Confirm Basket In Promo flag set to true, it will undertake the following additional actions:


oCapture/Apply the use of any supplied voucher/coupon codes that have triggered promotions.  Any previous submissions of the Sales Order will not have captured the use of the code, as the Sales Order was not confirmed.

oIssue any voucher codes which are available to the Sales Order as benefits of a promotion.

oCapture/Apply issued loyalty points available to the Sales Order as benefits of promotions.

oTrack the use of promotions, including discount amounts, for the statistical analysis of promotion activity.


Once a Sales Order has been confirmed, it cannot be unconfirmed.


To configure when a Sales Order is automatically updated with the Confirm Basket In Promo flag set to true, review the Integration Setup.


Applied Promotions


When promotions are applied to the Sales Order, they can update the Sales Order in the following ways:


oSales Line Discounts


Dependant on the promotion type applied, the associated Sales Lines can show a promotional discount amount in the Promo Line Discount Amount and Line Discount % fields.  The Promo Header Discount Amount field will be populated for promotions which apply an Order level discount, dependant upon the Use Invoice Discount configuration option.


oFree Gift Items


For promotions which provide free gift item(s) as the benefit, additional Sales Lines will be added with a Line Discount % of 100.


In some cases promotions are configured to allow the selection of one or more Free Gift items from a list.  For more information on selecting free gifts from a list, see Free Gifts.  To view the available free gift selection lists, select Free Gift Selections from the Process menu, or in the Promotion Information area.


oIssued Voucher Codes


Where applied promotions have issued one or more voucher codes as a benefit, the codes can be viewed by selecting Issued Voucher Codes from the Process menu, or in the Promotion Information area.


Issued codes are not available for use, and as such should not be communicated to the customer until the Sales Order is confirmed.  Until the order is confirmed, the codes issued may change


oMissed Promotions


Where a promotion is partially matched against the Sales Order it will be reported as a Missed Promotion.  Typically these promotions can be triggered with additional spend or increasing the quantity of Sales Lines already defined.  The Missed Promotions are provided so that they can be communicated to the customer.  To view the Missed Promotions select Missed Promotions from the Process menu, or in the Promotion Information area.



oOrder Statistics


Where a basket level promotion has been applied to the Sales Order, and where the configuration option Use Invoice Discount is set to true, the total basket level discount will be applied to the Invoice Discount Amount, which can be viewed by selecting Order Statistics from the Order menu.



Viewing Applied Promotions


To view the list of promotions applied to the Sales Order, select Applied Promotions from the Process menu, or in the Promotion Information area.


Each applied promotion will provide details on:


oThe total discount amount, and where applicable the discount amount for each associated line

oWhether the promotion is basket level (discounting all items in the Sales Order), line level (discounting targeted Sales Lines) or delivery level (targeting Sales Lines which are flagged as being a Shipping Charge.

oWhether the promotion has used the customer provided Voucher/Coupon code, where available.

oThe number of points issued by the promotion, where available.

oIs an Always Apply promotion.  Always Applied promotions can be stacked and are not part of the best deal calculations.




Sales Lines


Sales Lines now include the following fields:






Promo Line Discount Amount


Updated when the Calculation Operation is completed.


Promo Header Discount Amount


Updated when the Calculation Operation is completed, and where the configuration option Use Invoice Discount is set to false.


Manual Line Discount


Where applicable, a manual discount can be entered.


Is Shipping Charge


Flag indicating whether the Sales Line is a Shipping Charge line.  Defaulted from the Item, or Item Charge when a new Sales Line is added.


Exclude From Promotions


Flag indicating that the Sales Line should not receive any promotional discounts.









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