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Import Log





The Import Log shows the status of imported data actions, both from the Promo Portal and the Promo API.


When a data import is submitted to Promo it will be queued to be processed sequentially in the background.  This ensures that the user does not need to wait for the import to complete before they can continue working, and that imports can be managed as a separate activity.  It can take several minutes for a queued Log Import to be processed depending on the activity in the system.


Import Log entries will have one of the following statuses:






The entry is pending processing and will be processed soon.


In Progress

The entry is currently being processed.



The entry was processed successfully and no errors were encountered.



The entry processing did not complete successfully.



The entry was processed successfully, but some warnings or errors were encountered during processing.



The entry was cancelled by a user before processing started.




Log Entry Details


To view the results of entries with a status of Success, Failed or Warnings, select the required items in the Import Log list and then View on the toolbar.


The entry result shows a summary, including the total number of import items that were inserted, updated, deleted or failed to be processed.  The Details section shows details on the individual import items (depending on the type of import being actioned).




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