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The Collateral List defined for a promotion provides a location to store all related information for the Promotion. 


Related promotion information may include URLs for banners or stickers, additional text to be displayed to the customer to help them understand the promotion, or other types of textual information.  By centralizing collateral with the promotion definition, the integrated systems can retrieve this information using the Promo API ensuring the information is the same across all integrated systems.  Further to this, the users who create and manage the promotion can now also manage the extended information that is displayed to customers.


Collateral entries are categorised using the Collateral Type attribute.  The default values for the Collateral Type attribute are:


oBanner Image URL

oCustomer Prompt

oSticker Image URL

oTerms and Conditions


To add or remove values, navigate to the Attributes List under Configuration and edit the Collateral Type attribute.




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