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Confirmed Baskets





A Basket is submitted for validation with a flag indicating whether it is confirmed.  This is most important for eCommerce integrations, or any integrtaion where a high volume of baskets started by customers may be abandoned.


Where a basket is abandoned - the promotions applied, coupon/vouchers that are utilized or issued and other information must not be captured.  As a result, a basket is submitted with the Confirmed flag with a value of false until the customer has paid for their basket and the transaction is confirmed.


When a basket is submitted for validation with the Confirmed flag with a value of true, the engine will:


oCapture the promotions that have been applied so that they will be included in reporting statistics

oFor coupon/voucher codes that have been utilized, capture the utilization and where applicable update the code status.

oCapture the points issued for Loyalty

oUpdate transaction statistics for confirmed baskets




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