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Backups and Extracts





Backup actions are available where the  Promo Backups Module  is configured for a company.


The Promo Backups module allows configuration data within a company to be extracted.   Backup requests are queued and processed sequentially.  To see the process of all backup requests, go to Backups list under Configuration.  


Completed backup requests can be downloaded from the Backups list, where the results can be downloaded as a ZIP file.  Where the results include a large volume of data, it may be split across multiple files.


When requesting a backup, the following information can be defined:





Data Type

Select how data will be formatted in the backup:   XMLJSON or CSV (comma separated values).


When completed upload to FTP?

Flag indicating whether to automatically upload the backup result to an FTP location.

This flag is only available where the FTP settings have been completed.

See settings for details on the FTP configuration.


When completed, send email to notify me?

Flag indicating whether an email should be sent to notify the user who requested the backup that it is available.


Email address to notify

The email address to send a notification to upon completion.  Only available where the When completed, send email to notify me? is selected.  The email address will default to the email address of the current user.






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