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Basket Validation Responses





When a basket is validated using the Promo engine a response is generated which includes details on the actions that have been completed against the basket.  This will include:


oA summary of promotions applied to the basket

oFor each coupon/voucher code supplied, details on whether it has been utilized by a promotion applied to the basket

oFor each product supplied, details on discounts applied, points issued and attributes updated

oVoucher codes added by applied promotions

oProducts added by applied promotions

oProduct lines added where a request line (with a quantity greater than 1) needed to be split due to differing discount values applied to products

oDetails on missed promotions to be communicated to the customer for up sell opportunities

oDetails on Gift Card activations (dependant upon the  Gift Cards Management  module)

oLoyalty points issued and account/contact information (dependant upon the  Loyalty Scheme Management  module)


Line Updates


Product lines in the basket response can include a discount value, issued points and other new information.  Applied discounts can include apportioned basket level discounts, and/or discounts applied by line level promotions.  The line data will include the following additional fields (for a full field list, see the Basket Response Schema XML or JSON):






The total discount applied to the line, excluding any manual discounts supplied in the request.



Discounts applied to the line by line level promotions.



The count of promotions applied to the line



Flag indicating whether the line is a new line that has been added by the validation process.  Lines can be added either where they have been split, or where a Free Gift promotion has been applied.



Provides the Id of the line that this new line was split from.  Only for lines with the generated field with a value of true. 



The points issued to the line by Issue Points promotions, or Loyalty scheme points.



Further to this, against each line a list of the applied promotions for that line is provided.  For each of the applied promotions, the following fields are provided:






The discount amount applied by the promotion to the line.



Flag indicating whether the promotion that applied the discount is basket level, and therefore the discountamount is an apportioned discount.



Flag indicating whether the promotion that applied the discount is delivery level.



The points applied by the promotion to the line.




Missed Promotions


Missed promotion information is provided where the basket request included the flag get_missed_promotions with a value of true.  For more information on the supported fields that can be provided with a basket request, see the Basket Request Schema XML, or JSON.


Missed promotions are promotions that were available to be applied to the basket based on start and end dates, timebands, basket criteria and coupon criteria, and were partially matched against products in the basket.  As such they could be applied if the customer were to add more products to the basket.  This may be to increase the quantity of products already matched against the basket, or to add additional products to the basket.


The missed promotion details will include the required actions to cause the promotion to be applied when the basket is re-submitted, and the benefits that the customer is expected to receive.









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