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Release Notes - v2.10

Qixol Promo v2.10

See below full details of what is included in version 2.10.

  • The Promo API services have been enhanced and extended to support JSON for all request and response messages.

  • All imports and exports in the Administration Portal now support JSON

  • The new schemas and samples for JSON request and response messages can be viewed at

  • New API service methods now available to support extracting daily transaction and promotion use statistics.

  • Qixol Promo introduces the generation of voucher codes using a mask.

    • Specify a combination of fixed and replacement characters (randomized alphanumeric [#], numeric [+], alphabetic[*] or special [^]).

    • Define whether replacement alphabetic characters should always be capitalized, and specify characters to be excluded (avoid capital O and zero confusion!)

    • See the maximum number of possible permutations for the mask, along with samples.

    • Example:

      • Mask: SAMPLE1-### generates SAMPLE1-G7H, SAMPLE1-2Wv, SAMPLE1-Z4p

  • New .NET assemblies to simplify .NET integrations to Promo, including support for .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.0.

  • For the Deal Price promotion type, target the promotion benefit at selected Product Groups.

  • Easy access to all API methods, including serialization and deserialization of messages.

  • Available on NuGet – just search for ‘Qixol Promo’