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Release Notes - v3.4

Qixol Promo v3.4

See below full details of what is included in version 3.4.

  • Promo now provides the ability to view (and receive as a PDF automatically by email) weekly summary reports covering:

    • Activity across a company in the last 7 days, detailing the most utilized promotions and (where applicable) the total discounts applied

    • Detailed promotion activity for the last 7 days, showing the number of utilizations for the promotion and the total discounts applied by the promotion.

  • Receive notification emails in the following scenarios:

    • Where the discount for a promotion applied to any basket exceeds a given % or value threshold

    • Where the total discount applied by a promotion across all confirmed basket exceeds a total value threshold

    • Where a promotion is changed after is has been published

  • For customers using the Qixol Promo Automated Backups module, we’ve introduced some useful new tools to help you export data out of Qixol Promo

    • The daily export of all configuration data now supports CSV, alongside JSON and XML.

    • To       Backups to CSV, JSON and XML are now available directly in the Portal for Promotions, Products, Coupon/Voucher codes and more

  • Price Overrides - The Product % or Value Off Promotion type now supports the ability to discount a product by using a new price, retrieved from one of the product’s attributes.

    • Attribute values from the product catalogue, or provided with the basket line, allowing the selection of a price from a list of values depending on criteria

    • Indicate the behaviour for the promotion where the attribute is not found or has no value

    Please note: For integrations which utilize the Qixol Promo .NET Integration Libraries, you may need to update your integration component version to make full use of this functionality in your integrated platform. For more information ,or if you require assistance, please get in touch

  • Analyse Usage Charts now support:

    • Analysis of the promotion’s net confirmed discount for the last 6 months, 6 weeks and 7 days

    • Export charts to PDF for quick sharing and reporting

    • Download data to CSV

  • Coupon Code Lists now show the uses remaining for a code (where available)

  • Developer Tools now provide the ability to quickly view Promotions, Products, Attributes, Coupons and more as XML or JSON. To enable this functionality, switch on the Developer Tools setting.

  • Coupon Code Exports in the Portal now support overriding the filename for exported codes

  • Secret Key Management - For your security you can now request a new company secret key, and Promo will facilitate your integration's transition to the new key by continuing to support the old key for an agreed period of time. To review your security requirements or to request a new secret key please contact Qixol Support.

  • Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes

  • The Qixol Promo API has been enhanced to provide full API service access to all Loyalty functionality. For example:

    • Bulk imports for Prospects, Accounts, Contacts and Cards

    • Configuration methods for individual entity management and listings, including:

      • Sign up new contacts to your scheme

      • Generate, import and assign cards, adjust balances, block and unblock accounts, cards or contacts