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Basket Response codes

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The following action codes can be returned by Basket submissions:

Code Description Returned by
10001A company key must be specified.Basket Submissions
10002The supplied basket date could not be parsed.Basket Submissions
10003The supplied basket is empty or has no items with quantity greater than zero.Basket Submissions
10004The supplied company key is invalid.Basket Submissions
10005The Basket reference is empty or invalid.Basket Submissions
10006One or more of the supplied lines does not have a line id assigned.Basket Submissions
10007The basket request could not be parsed.Basket Submissions
10008Error preparing response. Serialization failed.Basket Submissions
10009Error preparing response. Capture failed.Basket Submissions
10010One or more lines in the basket has a quantity greater than the defined limit [{0}]Basket Submissions
20000A problem has been encountered processing the basket. Please contact technical support for assistance.Basket Submissions
30000Access denied.Basket Submissions
30001The Promo Evaluation Service is not available for this company. Please use the live Basket/Data Manager service.Basket Submissions
30002A recovery operation is in progress. Please try again later.Basket Submissions