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Response Api Action Codes

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The following action codes are returned by the import and export services:

Code Description
10100Connectivity Check
10200Validate Coupon Code
10300Validate Basket
10400Retrieve Validated Basket
20100Import coupon codes
20200Attribute Value Import
20300Product Import
20400Loyalty Cards Import
20500Generate Voucher Codes
20600Reassign Customer Reference
30100Export Promotion Usage Summary by Day
30200Export Transaction Summary by Day
30300Export Settings
30400Export Attributes
30500Export Products
30600Export Reporting Codes
30700Export Coupon/Campaigns
30800Export Promotion Groups
30900Export Promotions
31000Export Voucher Number Series
31100Export Coupon/Campaign Codes
31200Export Available Promotions (Basket)
31300Export Available Promotions (Products)
31400Export Coupon/Campaign Code Uses
31500Export Attribute Values
31600Export Product Attribute Values
31700Export Log Entries