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Publishing Promotions

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Published promotions are available to baskets being validated by the Promo API services. New promotions are by default unpublished. This allows new promotions to be tested in the Basket Builder before making them available to integrated systems.

Once a promotion is published it cannot be unpublished. To publish promotions, users require Promotion Publisher permissions. Once a promotion is published, the core details of how the promotion is to be applied cannot be changed.

The following parts of the promotion may always be changed (unless the promotion is locked):

  • The display descriptions, including end-user description and missed reporting description.
  • Reporting codes and Promotion Group
  • The valid from and to date
  • Campaign/Coupon criteria.

When creating new promotions, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Create the promotion and leave it as unpublished
  • Navigate to the Basket Builder and test your promotion, ensuring you test it in conjunction with any overlapping or closely related promotions.
  • When ready, update the promotion to set the published flag to true.
  • Retest your promotion