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Promotion Criteria

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In this help topic we will look at how Promo uses criteria within the definition of each promotion to indicate when the promotion should be applied to a basket. We'll look at the different types of criteria available, and how to configure the criteria to ensure your promotion is applied at the right time.

Criteria Items

When creating promotions, it is possible to define criteria which will restrict when the promotion can be applied. For most criteria it is possible to specify whether the criteria will behave as an inclusion or an exclusion.

Inclusion Criteria will be regarded as satisfied when the criteria can be validated successfully against a basket or product(s). For example, if a basket inclusion criteria exists that specifies that a channel attribute must be provided with baskets, with a value of true, then the criteria will be deemed as being satisfied only for baskets which have the attribute supplied with the given value. If the criteria had been defined as an Exclusion Criteria the criteria will be deemed as being satisfied for baskets where the attribute is not set to the specified value.

Where criteria is defined for a basket or product attribute, and where multiple values are specified for that attribute. the criteria will be deemed as satisfied where any of the required values are found against the basket or product.

Where multiple attributes are specified, one value for each attribute must be satisfied for the promotion to be applied.

Basket Criteria

Basket criteria are based on attributes defined against a basket. Examples of basket attributes are: customer group, delivery method, channel, store, etc.

Campaign/Coupons can also be added as Basket criteria. Where multiple Campaign/Coupons are defined, a code must be specified from any one Campaign/Coupon in order for the promotion to be applied..

For more information on Basket Attributes, click here. For more information on Campaign/Coupon criteria, click here.

Timeband Criteria

Timeband Criteria allow the availability of the promotion to be restricted to specific days of the week, and for specific time periods within those days. Multiple timebands can be specified, and where a basket being validated has a sale date within any specified timeband, the promotion will be available to be applied.

Product Criteria

Product criteria can be based on either Product Attributes, or on specific Products.

Where Product Attribute criteria are specified, Promo will look for products in the basket which have the attributes and values specified. For Product Criteria Promo, will look for the specified product(s) in the basket.

Where inclusion Product criteria are specified in conjunction with Product Attribute criteria - the Product criteria will take precedence, and the Product Attribute criteria will then be validated against the matched products.