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In this help topic we will look at Companies in Promo and how they are used to encapsulate your configuration and transactional data.

Your Company

When you register to use Promo, a new Company is automatically created for you.

  • All products, promotions, attribute values, settings, users and other data is contained within the company.

  • Each company is assigned a unique key (known as the company key or services interaction key). All interactions with the data in your company via the Promo API services will need to provide this key

Can I have more than one Company?

When integrating with Promo, you may need to have more than one company. For example if you have a UAT or development environment, and a LIVE or production environment.

Support for multiple companies is available as part of the Promo Organisation Module. If you do not already have this module enabled, please contact Qixol Technical support, or your account manager, who will be happy to arrange a trial of the module for you.

Company Details

To update the name of your company, or to use your own organisation's logo in the navigation area in Promo, navigate to Configuration and click on Manage Company. From here you can also provide details on the Primary Contact at your organisation, and required information on billing.