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Introduction to the Promo Portal

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In this article we will look at how to navigate around the Promo Administration Portal. We'll look at how to quickly get to where you need to be, and how to make use of the Quick Views available throughout the Portal, and how to use the advanced features of the grids to jump straight to the data you most frequently need.


The left navigation menu provides quick access to all the core parts of the system. From here you can jump straight to:

  • Dashboard
    View charts showing the availability and last use of your promotions.

  • Promotions list
    View, create, copy, edit and delete your promotions.

  • Configuration area
    From the Configuration area you can find detailed configuration options for Products, Attributes, Campaigns/Coupons and more.

  • Basket Builder
    Create baskets to test your promotions.

  • History
    View the 200 most recently validated basket.
    This navigation item is only available when the setting Allow reviewing of historic baskets is enabled.

  • Help
    View help topics and fill in the Contact us form if you need a little extra help.

Quick Views

Quick Views provide the ability to see a brief overview of an item without needing to open it. You can display the Quick View for an item (for example for a Promotion, Product or Campaign/Coupon) by hovering over the image to the left of the item.

Example Promotion Quick View

Grid Features

To help with always being able to jump straight to the data that you need, the Promo grids provide the following tools:

  • Sort the data ascending or descending by clicking on the column header.

  • Drag columns to resequence them however you like.

  • Group rows by clicking on the Display Options toolbar button and selecting Show Grouping Row then drag the column header into the grouping row to group by that column.

  • Filter the data to the exact entries you need. Click the Display Options toolbar button and then Show Filter Row to enable the filter row to be displayed. Alternatively click the three bullet points in any column header to enter a filter on that column.

  • Useful filters can be saved and recalled later. Once you've applied the required filter, click the Display Options toolbar button and then select Save Filter, enter a name for your filter and click OK.

  • To recall saved filters, click the Display Options toolbar button and then select My Filters, then double click the filter to be applied.