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In Qixol Promo, all data is organised beneath a company. This includes all products, promotion definitions, attributes, campaign/coupon codes, and settings. The company is effectively a container for all of this information, and when integrating with Promo all interactions are made using a unique key to indicate which company the interaction is against.

In some cases when integrating with Qixol Promo, it will be necessary to have multiple companies. An example of this is where there exists a UAT system and a LIVE or PRODUCTION system. Promotions and other functionality are typically tested in the UAT system before being promoted to the PRODUCTION system.

Organisation Module

To facilitate the management of multiple companies - and to permit a single login to access those companies - Qixol Promo provides the Organisation Module.

When this module is enabled, your existing company will be configured as an Organisation, and you will be able to create new companies making use of the users that you already have. Your organisation may have up to 5 companies.

Within each company you will be able to:

  • Assign a name, used to help users know which company they are in. For example: LIVE/PRODUCT, UAT or DEVELOPMENT. The name is always displayed above the navigation area, on all pages after you have logged in.
  • Assign a theme colour. The theme colour helps users distinguish between companies, so that they never lose track of which company they are currently logged in to.
  • Manage user permissions within each company.

If you do not already have the Promo Organisation Module enabled, please contact Qixol Technical support, or your account manager, who will be happy to arrange a trial of the module for you.

Organisation Dashboard

When a user logs in to Qixol Promo, and where they have access to multiple companies, they are presented with the Organisation Dashboard. From this dashboard they can see the status of each company (in terms of how may active promotions they have, products, campaign/coupon codes, etc.), and they can select which company they wish to log in to. Further to this, where a user has the required permission, they can create new organisation users, and new companies.

Once a company is selected, Qixol Promo also provides a quick switch mechanism to let you switch between companies. This is available in the title area within Promo, where a drop-down list shows all companies that the current user has access to, and also provides a link to the Organisation Dashboard. Selecting a company from the list will switch to that company. Further to this, selecting a company from the list whilst holding down the CTRL key will switch to the selected company and (where available) navigate to the same functional area.

Organisation Administrators

When the Organisation Module is enabled, users can be selected to be an Organisation Administrator. Each organisation must have at least one administrator. Only organisation administrators can create new organisation users, new companies within the organisation, and manage the core organisation information - including billing and the organisation's display name.

Creating new companies

To create a new company, navigate to the Organisation Dashboard (available from the quick switch list in the title area). Only Organisation Administrators can create new companies. From the Organisation Management section on the left of the page, select Add New Company. Fill in all details on the subsequent dialog and your new company will be created.

Organisation Users

Within an organisation, users must be administered both at the organisation level (where users are created and edited) and at the company level (where each user's permissions can be defined within the company).

To create, edit and delete organisation users, navigate to the Organisation Dashboard (available from the quick switch list in the title area). Only Organisation Administrators can create, edit and delete organisation users. From the Organisation Management section on the left of the page, select Organisation Users.