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Automated Backups


The Promo Backups Module provides an automated scheduled backup of all the configuration data within your company.

Support for automated backups is available as part of the Promo Backups Module. If you do not already have this module enabled, please contact Qixol Technical support, or your account manager, who will be happy to arrange a trial of the module for you.

Available Backups

Where your company has the Backups Module enabled, Qixol Promo will perform a nightly backup of the following data within your company:

  • Promotion definitions
  • Products
  • Promotion Groups
  • Reporting Codes
  • Attributes and Attribute Values
  • Voucher Number Series
  • Campaign/Coupons and their codes
  • Settings

The nightly backup will be combined into a compressed zip file ready for download when required. A list of the last seven days of available backups is presented by navigating to the backups list by selecting Configuration and then Backups.

Automated FTP Upload

Once Qixol Promo has created a backup of your configuration data, the backup compressed file can be automatically uploaded to a target FTP server where required.

To enable the automated FTP upload, the following settings should be configured (available by navigating to Configuration and then Settings):

  • Backup FTP Upload Enabled
    A true/false flag indicating whether to attempt to upload the backup to a target FTP server.

  • Backup FTP Server URL
    The URL of the target FTP server. The URL can include a port number and subfolder where applicable.

  • Backup FTP Username
    The username to provide when attempting to access the FTP server.

  • Backup FTP Password
    The password to provide when attempting to access the FTP server.

  • Backup FTP Failure Notification Email
    An email address to send a notification email to in the event of a failure to upload a backup to the target FTP server.