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Organisation - Add User


To create a new user within an organisation, please specify all details on the User Details tab, and then indicate how the new user's permissions will be defaulted in all companies within your organisation.

Support for multiple companies is available as part of the Promo Organisation Module. If you do not already have this module enabled, please contact Qixol Technical support, or your account manager, who will be happy to arrange a trial of the module for you.
This help topic is applicable where the Organisation Module is enabled. To see the help topic for user management where the module is not enabled, please click here.

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User Details

Each user must have a unique username, and a unique email address. The user will be sent an activation link to their email address, and their account will not be accessible until the activation link has been opened. A new password for the user must also be specified when adding the user.


When creating a new organisation user, please indicate how the user's permissions will be defaulted in all companies within your organisation. Please select from one of the following options:

  • Default permissions
    The user will be created with permission to manage Promotion, Product, Attribute and other standard permissions, but will not be permitted to publish promotions.

  • No permissions
    The user will not be permitted to login to any companies until their permissions are explicitly set within each company.

  • Copy permissions from user
    For the specified user, the permissions will be copied for all companies.

  • Organisation administrator
    The user will be an organisation administrator and will have full access to all companies, and will be permitted to manage organisation users, including creating other organisation administrators.