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Organisation - Manage Organisation

Support for multiple companies is available as part of the Promo Organisation Module. If you do not already have this module enabled, please contact Qixol Technical support, or your account manager, who will be happy to arrange a trial of the module for you.

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The organisation details specified on the Manage Organisation dialog will be used in all communications, including billing. Please provide the following details:

  • Organisation Name
    Provide the name of your organisation. This name is presented when logged in to Promo, and will be used in all communications with you.

  • Organisation Logo (full URL)
    The Organisation Logo is displayed above the navigation area when a user is logged in. Ensure that the URL provided is a full (including http or https) path to your logo image.

  • Primary Contact Details
    Provide the name, email and phone of the primary contact in your organisation. All communications will be addressed to this contact.

  • Billing Contact Details
    Provide all details on contact and address for billing. These details must be provided and validated before a company in your organisation is permitted to use the Promo Live services.