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Organisation - Add Company


Add a new company to your organisation. Your organisation can contain up to 5 companies. You may choose to have one company within Promo for each integrated environment - for example, a company for Production, UAT and development.

Support for multiple companies is available as part of the Promo Organisation Module. If you do not already have this module enabled, please contact Qixol Technical support, or your account manager, who will be happy to arrange a trial of the module for you.

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Related topics:

Company Name

The display company name. The name is displayed above the navigation area whilst logged in to the company, and should provide users with a clear understanding of which company they are logged in to. The company name does not need to include your organisation name. Example of company names include "PRODUCTION", "UAT" or "DEVELOPMENT".

Company Highlight

The company highlight colour is used to help identify which company you are logged in to. Each company within your organisation should have a different highlight colour.

Sample Data

Use these options to indicate what sample data should be automatically setup within your new company when it is created.

User Permissions

Indicate when the company is created how the users defined in your organisation will be configured to access the new company.
  • Default permissions indicate that all organisation users will be able to access your new company, including full permissions - but will not by default be able to publish promotions.
  • No permissions indicates that all organisation users will not be setup to access this company. Once the company is created, users can be individually configured against the company by selecting Manage for the new company within the Organisation Dashboard.
  • Copy permissions from company indicates that the permissions for all organisation users will be copied from the selected existing company.


Indicate when the company is created whether to copy settings from a specified existing company or to use default settings.