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Response Codes - Import Validation

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The following codes can be returned when validating Import documents:

Code Description Returned by
IM101The data passed is invalid or is not well formed.All Imports
IM102The data passed does not contain a company key attribute.All Imports
IM103The supplied company key is invalid.All Imports
IM104The company must be specified.All Imports
IM105The import has been queued ready for processing.All Imports
IM190A problem was encountered deserializing the request data.All Imports
IM197A problem was encountered whilst processing the export.All Imports
IM198Unrecognised error codeAll Imports
IM199A problem was encountered whilst processing the import. Please contact technical support for assistance.All Imports
IM201The attribute token is missing or invalid.Attribute Values Import
IM202The supplied entity name is invalid.Attribute Values Import
IM250The item does not exist, and so cannot be deleted.Attribute Values Import
IM251The specified attribute is not defined.Attribute Values Import
IM252A value must be specified.Attribute Values Import
IM299A problem was encountered whilst processing item.Attribute Values Import
IM301The import data request does not contain any product definitions.Products Import
IM302The import contains too many products, and would exceed the maximum number of products permitted whilst evaluating.Products Import
IM303Missing productcodeProducts Import
IM304Duplicate productcode/variantcodeProducts Import
IM305A variant code must be specified for all uses of the productcodeProducts Import
IM306Attribute values cannot be imported. One or more specified attributes are not valid for productsProducts Import
IM307Product cannot be deleted - the Product was not foundProducts Import
IM308Product cannot be deleted as it is in use in live basketsProducts Import
IM399A problem was encountered whilst processing the import.Products Import
IM501The import token is missing or invalid.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM502Importing of codes for Vouchers is not supported.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM503The id is invalid.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM503.1The coupon key is invalidCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM504The document to import does not contain any codes.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM504.1Too many codes supplied in import fileCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM505A campaign management operation is currently in progress. The import of codes is not permitted whilst the operation is in progress.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM506Unable to retrieve status list.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM507Unable to find the 'Active' status.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM508Unable to find the 'Created' status.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM509Unable to retrieve issuer list.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM510Unable to retrieve import code issuer.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM511The import needs either a couponkey or couponname attribute with each <item> element. Supported but not recommended is supplying a couponkey attribute with the <items> element. Values supplied at the <item> element will override this attribute.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM512Against an item element specifiy either a couponkey to add the code to an existing campaign OR a couponname to create a new coupon to attach the new code to. Note that the couponname must be a new name, to update existing coupons use the couponkey (import token)Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM513Creating a new code failed with an unspecified errorCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM514The campaign type (Source Code) for creating the new coupon could not be foundCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM515The name specified for creating a new campaign is already in useCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM516The specified coupon name could not be found.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM517A problem was encountered generating voucher codes. Validation failed, see validation messages for further details.Generate Voucher Codes
IM518Unable to generate the requested number of unique codes for the mask.Generate Voucher Codes
IM550A code must be specified.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM551Maximum uses must be a positive number.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM552The valid from date could not be parsed.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM553The valid to date could not be parsed.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM554The specified status is not supported for this campaign type.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM555The valid to date cannot be before the valid from date.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM556Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM556.1The code exists for another coupon/campaignCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM556.2The code does not exist and so cannot be deleted.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM557The code is in use and cannot be deleted.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM558Deleting codes with this status is not permitted.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM559The specified maximum uses is invalid, as it is less than the current number of uses for the code.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM560Updating the status for this code to the specified value is not permitted.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM561The specified status is invalid.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM562The specified code is already defined against another campaign.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM563A maximum of {0} codes can be added whilst evaluating.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM567Duplicate codeCampaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM570The csv file could not be converted for importing.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM599A problem was encountered whilst updating the code.Campaign/Coupon Codes Import
IM601The supplied log entry reference is invalid.Export Log Entry
IM602A log entry reference must be supplied.Export Log Entry
IM603The action is currently pending or in progress. Please try again later.Export Log Entry
IM604Problems were encountered whilst retrieving the log entry. Please contact technical support for assistance.Export Log Entry
IM605The import batch was cancelled.Export Log Entry
IM801From and to customer references must be supplied.
IM900The request failed validation. See validation messages for more details.All Imports