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Integration Considerations

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Below is a list of key considerations that should be reviewed before commencing integration between Promo and third party systems. Not all considerations will be relevant to each integration, but the list below provides an overview of common considerations which should be reviewed as part of the planning for your integration.

Functional Area Key Considerations Comments
Multiple Integrating Systems Will multiple systems need to integrate with Promo for the integrating company?

If multiple systems need to integrate with Promo, which system will be regarded as the master for Product and attribute values?

How does the user's experience differ between those systems with regards to the presentation of available, missed and applied promotions?

Where multiple systems need to integrate with Promo (for example a website and one or more tills), the integration will differ slightly in terms of the management of basket submissions within each system, and potentially the handling of applied, missed and available promotion reporting to the customer.
Basket Submissions Will baskets be submitted for validation multiple times before the sale is regarded as complete?

If submitting multiple times - should the basket be submitted for every change, or only when starting the checkout procedure?

At what point is the sale regarded as confirmed - so the basket can be submitted to Promo a last time for Campaign/Coupon code use/issuing confirmation?

Can completed orders be amended, and if so will they be submitted to Promo when amendments take place?

Ensure baskets are supplied with a flag indicating they are confirmed and ensure the Promo Company settings are configured appropriately for this mode.

For further details please see the Confirming Baskets topic.
Promotion Display/Capture How much of the detail on applied promotions should be provided to the customer, and will this be at the product level and/or at the basket summary level?

How much detail should be captured of applied promotions, including any apportioned discounts, for finance reporting?

Is there a requirement to show missed promotions to the customer, if so at what point in the ordering process will this need to occur?

Attributes What basket level attributes will be required to assist with creating promotions and limiting when they should be applied?

What values are required for the standard basket attributes (delivery methods, customer groups, etc.)?

What attributes are required against products, to assist with creating promotions and limiting when they should be applied?

Are there any product attributes that need to be submitted with baskets?

Basket level attributes should be established before integration commences. Values should be provided periodically, and when submitting baskets a value should be provided.

Values can be imported periodically (recommended), or on demand. Values for product attributes will be imported with the product data.

In some cases product attribute values can change very frequently, and in this scenario the value to be used can be provided with the basket. Ensure the attribute is configured such that Promo will look for an attribute value in the basket rather than attempt to look it up from the product catalogue.

Reporting Codes / Promotion Groups What reporting codes should be used for categorisation and organisation of Promotions and Campaign/Coupons?

Reporting codes are returned with Promotions, and these can be used by integrating systems to establish marketing collateral to display to the end customer where applicable.

Campaign/Coupons Will Campaign/Coupon codes be created/issued by Promo (as a result of a promotion being applied?

If new codes are to be returned to the customer - the integrating system may need to store these for the customer to make them available in the future.

Source Codes and Vouchers need to be created up front in the Promo Admin Portal.

Applied Promotions How will applied promotions be reported to the customer in the shopping cart, and when going to the checkout?

How will issued codes and issued points be reported to the customer?

Line level promotions may need to be displayed with the line against which they have been applied. Basket level promotions may need to be displayed as part of the order summary.
Missed Promotions Should details on missed promotions be presented to the customer?

Will missed promotions be required for all basket submissions?

How will the customer be assisted in fulfilling (or matching) a missed promotion?

Missed promotions can optionally be returned with baskets. Promotions are regarded as missed when all basket criteria have been satisfied and where applicable, one or more product criteria has been partially or fully matched.
Available Promotions How will available promotions be presented to customers?

Is there a requirement to show banners based on promotions that are currently available?

Should stickers be shown against products? Will this be in category listings or just on the product page?

When viewing a product, should details on available promotions for that product be presented to the customer?

Available promotions can be retrieved from Promo. This can be based on a products list supplied, or non-product promotions. Promotions returned will indicate whether they have additional criteria that couldn't be validated. Tools are provided in the integration component to assist with real time re-validation of an available promotion.
Captured Basket Details How will discounts be captured?

If a sale is reviewed/amended, how will the existing discounts be presented to the customer?

Promo provides a very granular view on discounts that have been applied, where the discount is apportioned across the matched lines (dependant on configuration).
Users in Promo Which users need to be created to support management of the available Promotions?

Do all users require the same permissions within Promo?

Promo supports multiple users within a company, where each user can be defined with one or more roles.
Promo Settings Will there be a requirement to add, edit or delete product or attribute values in Promo once systems are fully integrated?

Promo supports configuration to indicate what operations are available against Products and the system defined basket attributes. To configure these settings, please go to Settings under Configuration.

Integrating IPs Which machines will be submitting baskets, and performing imports and exports?

Live companies in Promo are restricted such that only specified IP addresses can submit baskets for validation, and perform imports and exports. These must be configured in advance, and there is a delay before changes to this configuration come into effect.