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Ensuring Consistent Results for Re-Submitted Baskets

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There are a number of measures in place within Qixol Promo to ensure that baskets that are re-submitted at a point in time in the future will get the same results that they received when they were originally submitted.

The key aspect of ensuring that results are consistent, is the date passed with the basket. Where a basket is re-submitted, the original date should always be passed. It is the date passed with a basket which will dictate which promotions are validated against it.

Further to this, when creating promotions, a promotion can never be created in the past. When editing promotions, the valid from and to dates cannot be changed if the promotion is flagged as being in use against live baskets (i.e. baskets that do not have a store of 'TEST' defined against them).

Similarly, Product amendments are also tracked, such that if a product is changed, and that product is in use in a live basket - a copy of the product will be made in the background. When validating a basket, the version of the product which is applicable at the point in time defined by the date of the basket being validated will be used.