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Managing Timezones

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In order to provide a consistent experience to all integrating systems and users, Qixol Promo stores and manages all dates and times in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). When baskets are submitted for validation, the sale date supplied with the basket is expected to be in UTC (or must include the relevant timezone information).

When creating promotions and Campaign/Coupons, it is import to understand the impact of timezones and to ensure that where your business will be submitting baskets for validation from integrating systems located in multiple timezones, there may be a requirement to create separate promotions to target different timezones. This can be especially relevant when creating promotions which have Timeband criteria. To create a promotion which targets a specific timezone, an additional Basket Attribute should be created in Promo (and then a value supplied with submitted baskets) to provide details on the timezone submitting the basket - this attribute can then be used as a criteria within promotions.

To help understand when Promotions and Campaign/Coupons are valid or available, Qixol Promo provides the ability to select a timezone to be used when displaying dates and times. This capability does not impact how dates and times are stored, but can be useful when establishing the availability of the Promotion or Campaign/Coupon in other timezones. To change the timezone, select the Timezone button on the toolbar and select the required timezone. All dates and times throughout Promo will then be displayed using the selected timezone.

When dates and times are displayed in Qixol Promo, a QuickView tip is available next to the date and time which will show the date/time in UTC or Local, depending on the currently selected timezone.

To see which timezone you are in, or which timezone to select for another part of the world, please see this useful map.