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Creating Your First Promotion

In this article we will cover creating your first promotion. This will include the following steps to create a buy one get one free promotion, and then testing the promotion in the basket builder.

Create your first promotion

To get started, we recommend using the Buy One Get One Free promotion type. Follow these steps to create your first promotion:

  • Go to Promotions from the left navigation pane, and then click Add New on the toolbar

  • Select the Buy One Get One Free promotion type from the drop down list, and give your promotion a name

  • Go to the Criteria tab, and then the Product tab, and click the Add Product(s) button

  • Select one or more products from the list (to multi-select, hold down ctrl or shift while you click) – these are the products that will trigger the promotion

  • Click the Save button on the toolbar

Go to the Basket Builder and see your promotion in action

To help with testing the promotions you create, we’ve provided the Basket Builder. From here you can create test baskets and see your promotions being applied.

  • Go to Basket Builder from the left navigation pane

  • Click the Add Product(s) button and select one or more of the products you picked when you created your promotion

  • For one or more of the lines created, click the edit button (in the right-most column), and then increase the line quantity to two and click the tick button to save your changes. Because we created a buy one get one free promotion, we’ll need to have one or more lines with a quantity of two for the promotion to trigger.

  • Click the Validate Promotions button on the toolbar and you’ll see the validation response, including details of the promotion that was triggered.

    If your promotion wasn't triggered – have a look at the Basket Date in the Basket Builder and make sure it is after the Valid From date of your new promotion (you can see the Valid From date in the Promotions list, or when you edit the promotion).