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Understanding Conflict Resolutions

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The conflict resolution routines in the Qixol Promo engine are a key part of basket validations. In order to ensure that the desired result is always returned when validating baskets, having a good understanding of how the engine works in this area is key.

When validating the promotions that are to be applied to a basket, the engine will perform multiple passes of the applied promotions, looking at them in groups (or levels):

Level 1 : Line level Promotions

This includes Buy one get one free, Deal Price and Product(s) % or value off promotion types.

Level 2 : Delivery Promotions

This only includes the Delivery Reduction promotion type.

Level 3 : Basket level Promotions

This only includes the Basket % or value off promotion type.

Level 4 : Non-value based or Other Promotions

This includes the Issuing of Voucher Code, Issue Points, and depending the configuration of individual promotions, the Free Gift promotion type.

Within each level, only one promotion can be applied to the basket (with the exception of Level 4 where these promotion types have an Always Apply flag. Where there are multiple promotions within any level which could be applied to the basket, the engine will attempt to establish which of these promotions it should apply.

The Qixol Promo engine will use the system setting Apply Best/Worst Deal to establish whether to try and give the customer the Best Deal (the promotion which means they pay the least) or the Worst Deal (the promotion which means they pay the most). Further to this, the Qixol Promo engine will then use the Conflict Resolution configuration.

For further information on Conflict Resolution, please click here.