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NopCommerce extension

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The Qixol Promo extension for NopCommerce integrates the cloud-based promotion engine with the popular eCommerce platform.

The extension comprises two plugins:


Configuration, data synchornisation and main administration functions.


UI functions, including the configuration of stickers and banners.

Open Source

The Qixol Promo nopCommerce Extension is an open source extension, and is available from GitHub.


The latest release is available at:

To get started, select the file, download it, then follow the installation guide below.

Source code

Although we recommend downloading the binaries, the source code for the plugins, libraries and also (for convenience) the NopCommerce "no source" version of the website is also available in gihhub. The solution file provided is for Visual Studio 2015.

Registering with Qixol Promo

Before getting started with the nopCommerce extension, you will need to have a Promo company to integrate with. If you do not already have a company, you can register for a free evaluation company.

To register for a free evaluation company, click here

NOTE: When registering we recommend you select the eCommerce Integration Company for the company type. This will ensure that your new company is ready for integration without any sample products or promotions.

When you register a company, Promo will automatically assign you a unique Company Key. You'll need the company key later in the setup process. To find your company key, navigate to the Configuration Area and then select Manage Company.

Installing the plugins

When the download has been unzipped, locate the appropriate QixolPromo\nopCommerce_n.nn folder for your installed version of nopCommerce. Within the selected folder, copy the two sub-folders (Misc.QixolPromo and Widgets.QixolPromo) and paste them into the \Plugins folder beneath your nopCommerce website.

Follow the usual nopCommerce plugin installation methods (from the Plugins page, select to Reload Plugins, and then click the install link for each of the plugins). It is recommended to install the Misc.QixolPromo plugin first, followed by the Widgets.QixolPromo plugin.

Configuring the plugins - Misc.QixolPromo

  • Integration tab

    Enabled Check this box to enable the plugin

    Company key Enter the company key generated when you registered with Qixol Promo.

    Integration services If you are evaluating, select the Evaluation Services. When you are going live with Promo, select the Live Services.

    Synchronized items For evaluation, leave all fields at the default values.

  • Product Attributes tab

    For evaluation, leave all fields at the default values.

  • Integration codes tab

    Stores For each store, an identifier for Qixol Promo. This can be the same as the Nop Commerce store name.

    Shipping methods For each shipping method, an identifier for Qixol Promo.
    For the default nopCommerce shipping methods, we suggest "GROUND", "ONE_DAY_AIR" and "TWO_DAY_AIR"

    Customer roles For each customer role, an identifier for Qixol Promo.
    For the default Nop Commerce roles, we suggest only supplying values for GUEST (priority 1) and REGISTERED (priority 2)

    Checkout attributes For each checkout attribute, an identifier for Qixol Promo.
    For the default Nop Commerce checkout attribute, we suggest "GIFT_WRAPPING"

  • Advanced

    For evaluation, leave all fields at the default values.

  • Help

    This page has links to more resources for Qixol Promo.


Saving the configuration details will also push data up to the Qixol Promo engine, so this can take a few minutes on the first save.

Configuring the plugins - Widgets.QixolPromo

  • General

    For evaluation, leave all fields at the default settings

  • Promotion Stickers

    For evaluation, no additional stickers are required

  • Banners

    For evaluation, no additional banners are required. No banners are provided by default, so you may wish to add some during your evaluation.

Scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks are used to manage the flow of data between the nopCommerce Extension and Qixol Promo.

Promotion data that is displayed to the customer, and is used when showing stickers and banners, is scheduled to be updated once per day by the Qixol Promo - Promotion Sync (Pull) scheduled task.
When promotions are created in Promo, they may be available to baskets being validated prior to the scheduled task having been run. It is recommended that if promotion definitions are changed or created during the day, the above scheduled task should be run on demand to ensure promotion details are up to date.