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Basket Validation Response

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The Basket Validation Response provides a view of the response received from the Promo Engine when a basket is validated. The lines and Campaign/Coupon codes passed to the engine, along with the lines returned from the engine can be seen.

Where a line has been discounted, or has been created as the result of the need to split a line (for example where a line has a quantity greater than one, and only one of those items is utilized by a promotion) - these changes will be highlighted in red.

Where points or coupons have been issued by promotions, this information will be shown in blue.

Promotions Summary

The promotions summary shows a list of all promotions that have been applied to the basket. Where a promotion has been applied multiple times to a basket, this will be indicated by a count prefixing the promotion name which shows how many times (or instances) that promotion has been applied. To view a breakdown of all instances of a promotion, click the Ungroup Promotions in Summary button on the toolbar.

Coupon Codes

Where coupons have been utilized or issued by promotions applied to the basket, they will be indicated in the codes list with by a Yes or No value in the Utilized or Issued columns. Where the value displayed indicates that the coupon is Not confirmed - this means the basket was submitted via the Basket Builder, and as a result the use of the coupon code has not been committed. In this scenario, the coupon code may be issued/redeemed again.

Applied Promotions

The applied promotions list gives a breakdown of all instances of promotions applied to the basket, and the lines that have been utilized by those promotions. Where a promotion is being applied to the whole basket (for example, a Basket % or value off type promotion) - all lines will be indicated as in use by that promotion, and the lines will show an apportioned discount amount.

Missed Promotions

The missed promotions list shows all promotions that were partially triggered against the basket. The missed promotions are split between Basket, Delivery and Line level, and Issue Points and Issue Coupon. For each reported missed promotion the details are provided on the action required to allow the promotion to be triggered, and the expected benefit (or saving) when the promotion is applied.