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Basket Builder

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The Promo Basket Builder provides an easy way of testing your promotions. You can build baskets with multiple items, specify which channel, store group or store they come from, and add multiple Campaign/Coupon codes. When viewing the response of the validation, additional information is provided on which promotions were triggered and some pointers on why promotions were not triggered.

Header Details

Basket Reference and Basket Date

A basket reference is always required. In normal operational use, this would be either an order number or other unique transaction reference. When a basket is submitted multiple times with the same basket reference, each submission is captured but only the last submission is regarded as the 'current' basket submission.

The basket date is the date when the sale takes place. The date specified will be used to establish which promotions are available at that point in time. If a basket is re-submitted multiple times (either due to a process which builds the basket incrementally, or due to re-submitting a previously placed order or transaction) the original date should be specified to ensure that a result which is consistent with the original basket submission is returned.

Delivery Method and charge

Delivery methods displayed here are values of the Delivery Method basket attribute, which can be amended in the Configuration area. The default charge can be amended by adjusting the Default Delivery Charge setting, in Settings under Configuration.

Customer Group, Channel, Store Group and Store

Values displayed here for these basket attributes can be amended in the Configuration area.

Engine validation options

Include unpublished promotions when validating?

This option allows the basket being tested to include or exclude promotions which are not yet published. Only published promotions are available when validating baskets via the Basket Manager services. Typically when a promotion is first created it will not be published. Baskets created in the Basket Builder with this option selected, will be validated by the engine - where the engine will simulate how the promotion will interact with other promotions once it is published.

Confirm Basket? (Coupon issuing and redemption will be committed)

This option is only available if the Confirm Coupon Use from Basket Builder setting is true in Settings under Configuration. If the option does not appear after changing the system setting - please ensure you clear your basket.

When coupon codes are issued or redeemed by promotions which are triggered by baskets validated in the basket builder, those codes are not confirmed as being issued or redeemed. This is because typically baskets being validated by the Basket Builder are test baskets, so to confirm a coupon as issued or redeemed would be undesirable. To override this functionality, this option can be selected.

Line Details

One or more items must be specified for the basket to be validated. To add an item to the basket, click the Add Item button on the toolbar. To increase the quantity of an item in the basket, select the + or - button on either side of the quantity.

Campaign/Coupons Codes
To aid with testing your basket, you can specify Campaign/Coupon Codes to be submitted with it. Multiple codes can be specified. To add a code to the basket, click the Add Campaign/Coupon Code button on the toolbar.

Custom Attributes
Where additional basket attributes have been created (in the All Attributes List under Configuration), the values specified for those attributes are available in drop-down lists. A value can be specified if required.

Validate Promotions
To validate the basket, click the Validate Promotions basket.

View Xml
To view the generated XML for the basket, click the View XML button on the toolbar. The XML presented provides a useful indication of how XML should be structured when it is passed to the Basket Manager services.

For further details on Basket Request XML, please click here.