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Testing Promotions

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Once you've created your promotions, you may want to validate that they will be applied in the required scenarios. To help with this, Promo has a built in basket builder for the purpose of creating test baskets and validating them against the currently defined promotions. To view the basket builder, click the Basket Builder section in the left navigation menu.

From the Basket Builder you can create baskets and submit them to the Qixol Promo engine for the purpose of validating when promotions are applied. To add Items to your basket, enter the product code (and optionally variant) into the Quick Add to Basket section, or click the Add Item(s) toolbar button and select the required product(s).

Campaign/Coupon codes can be added to the basket, either by entering a code into the Validate Campaign/Coupon Code box in the navigation area, and selecting Validate - this will then check the code and where it is valid present a button titled Add to Basket. Alternatively, click the Add Campaign/Coupon Code(s) toolbar button and select the required Campaign/Coupon and Code(s).

Once items have been added to the basket, you can click the + or - button next to the item's quantity to increase or decrease the quantity to be purchased.

To validate your basket with the Qixol Promo engine, click the Validate Promotions button on the toolbar.

Include unpublished promotions when validating?

When promotions are first created, they are by default unpublished. Only published promotions will be used by the Basket Manager services. This provides a mechanism of easily testing new promotions without impacting the wider live estate. To configure the Basket Builder to behave in the same way as the Basket Manager services, untick this box and only published promotions will be used when validating baskets.