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Product Criteria

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To restrict when the promotion will be applied, criteria can be defined. For product based criteria, this can be either based on Product Attributes or one or more Products.

Product Attribute Criteria

When defining criteria against product attributes, an attribute must be selected and then one or more values for that attribute. To add a product attribute criteria, click the Add Product Attribute(s) toolbar button on the Product Criteria (or Product Group) tab.


Select the attribute which will be used for the criteria. The name of the XML attribute is defined against the attribute definition - please see the All Attributes List in Configuration.


Indicate the source of the required value(s), by selecting one of the following options:

  • Select from existing values
    A list of existing values will be presented.

  • Empty or missing value
    Validate for the attribute containing an empty value, or where the attribute does not exist in the basket being validated.

  • Custom Value
    Enter the required value

  • Upload values from file
    Specify a file to import the values from. The file must be a text file containing values, where each value is on a new line. All values in the file will be uploaded.


Indicate whether the criteria should be validated as an Include or Exclude criteria, please select the required option. When criteria are being validated for a promotion, all Include criteria are required to be matched for the promotion to be applied. If any Exclude criteria is matched, the promotion will not be applied.

Values List

Select one or more value to be validated for this attribute. Where multiple values are selected for this attribute, the criteria will be regarded as valid if any value is matched.

Product Criteria

To add one or more Products as criteria for the promotion, click the Add Product(s) toolbar button on the Product Criteria (or Product Group) tab. On the dialog that is presented, select the required products. Where multiple products are defined, Promo will require any one product to be present for the criteria to be satisfied (with the exception of the Bundle promotion type which requires all defined products to be present in the basket).