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Promotion Type: Issue Points

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The Issue Points promotion type provides the ability to issue either a fixed number of points, or calculate a number of points based on basket/matched items value.

Issued points are returned with the basket response, and where the points are calculated based on matched items, the number of points calculated is provided against matched lines.

Points calculation method
Select how the number of points to be issued will be calculated. The Use matched item(s) value option is only available where product based criteria have been defined against the promotion.

Always apply?
If the 'Always apply' flag is set to true, the promotion will not be validated to see if it conflicts with other points based promotions being applied.

Can be applied multiple times to a basket?
If there are product or product attribute based criteria, then the promotion could potentially be applied multiple times if the product criteria is satisfied multiple times by a basket. The 'Apply promotion multiple times' flag indicates what action to take when this scenario is encountered.

Use discounted prices when calculating points?
If the 'Use discounted prices' option is selected, the when calculating the number of points to be issued any previously applied promotions which have discounted the price will be taken into account. If the flag is not set, then the original price will be used.

This promotion type is included in the Other Promotions level.

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