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Promotion Type: Issue Voucher Code

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The Issue Voucher Code promotion type provides the ability to issue customers with Voucher Codes based upon basket criteria being satisfied.

NOTE: Only Voucher type Campaigns/Coupons can be issued. For more information on the different coupon types supported, please click here.

A Voucher to Issue must be specified before saving the promotion. If a restriction is required on the number of voucher codes that can be issued by this promotion, provide a value in the Maximum Uses field.

Always apply?
If the 'Always apply' flag is set to true, the promotion will not be validated to see if it conflicts with other voucher based promotions being applied.

Can be applied multiple times to a basket?
If there are product or product attribute based criteria, then the promotion could potentially be applied multiple times if the product criteria is satisfied multiple times by a basket. The 'Apply promotion multiple times' flag indicates what action to take when this scenario is encountered.

Restrict the number of voucher codes to be issued?
To restrict the number of voucher codes that can be issued by this promotion, select this option and provide a number for 'Maximum issues'.

Issued voucher codes are added to the basket response, with a flag against them indicating that they were issued. Further to this, where a voucher code is issued by a previous submission of the basket, this will also be indicated in the basket response.

This promotion type is included in the Other Promotions level.

For more information on Promotion Levels click here