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Campaign/Coupon Code Details

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Provide the details listed below for the new Campaign/Coupon code.


The Campaign/Coupon Code must be unique across all Campaign/Coupons defined for your company and cannot exceed 100 characters.


Display only: shows the status of the code.

Valid from and to date/times

Where applicable, the valid from and valid to dates can be used to specify the validity of the code. For Source Codes that have not been withdrawn, values can be specified for these date/times. For Vouchers, the validity date/time period of the code is calculated at the point when the code is issued, using the defined configuration.

Limit Code Use

For Source Codes only. If the code can only be utilized a fixed number of times, please select this option and enter a number in the Maximum uses box.

Withdrawal Details

Where a code has been withdrawn, the date and time of the withdrawal and the user who withdrew the code will be displayed.

Issue Details

For Voucers only, details on when the code was issued and against which basket will be displayed.

Code Uses

A list of all uses of the code will be displayed. Where the code is for a Source Code, there may be multiple uses of the code. Against each use, a basket reference will be provided.

Withdraw Code

To Withdraw a code, click the Withdraw button. Once a code is Withdrawn it cannot be utilized or issued by any promotions.