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Campaign/Coupon Details

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A Campaign/Coupon must be one of the following types:


Voucher codes are managed by the Qixol Promo engine. This means that they are generated and issued by the system, and optionally redeemed and withdrawn by the system too. Voucher codes cannot be imported, and the codes that are generated are based on the configuration specified.

Source Codes

Source Codes are managed outside of the Qixol Promo engine. This means that the creation and issuance of codes is not under the control of the engine - however the redemption, withdrawal and expiration of those codes will be.

Import/Export Key

The import/export key is allocated when the Campaign/Coupon is created, and is a unique identifier which must be used when requesting to import or export codes via the Data Manager services.


The Campaign/Coupon name must be unique.

Reporting Code

A reporting code can be allocated to the Campaign/Coupon to assist with categorization and reporting.


Generate Codes Using

This option indicates how the code will be assigned when a new code is generated. This can use a Number Series, where the number series will be incremented and the number formatted using a defined Mask; or it can be a generated unique identifier.

Generate On Demand

When a promotion which issues a code is triggered by the engine, during basket validation, it will attempt to find a code which has a status of Created and will issue it. If an existing code cannot be found, but the Generate On Demand option is ticked then the promotion will generate a new code and then issue it. In the scenario described, if the option is not selected, the promotion will not be applied because there are no available codes to be issued.

Issued Code Validity Settings

These settings control how the Valid From and Valid To date/times will be set against the code at the point when it is issued. This can be either for a fixed period (i.e. for 7 days), or can be for a fixed date period, or an end date/time relevant to the date/time when the issue takes place (i.e. valid until the end of the week).

Issue Only

If the 'Issue only' option is selected, codes generated and issued cannot be redeemed using any promotions. The redemption of these codes are managed outside of Qixol Promo.

Source Codes

When creating Source Codes a new sub-code must be created. Details on the new sub-code must be provided. Additional sub-codes can be created if required, after the Campaign/Coupon has been saved.

Source Codes cannot be issued by a promotion, and the generation or issuing of codes should be managed outside of Qixol Promo, and the codes then imported or manually maintained. Source Codes can be utilized by promotions and can optionally be used multiple times.