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Attribute details

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In Promo, the following entities support custom attributes:

  • Basket
    Basket attributes are provided as XML attributes when validating baskets. To aid with the creation of promotions which use basket attributes, you can provide a list of expected values for the attribute.

  • Product
    Product attribute values are provided in the Product import, or are manually created when adding or editing products (where this is supported).

Display Name

The display name is used when creating promotions, or when using attributes in the basket builder.

Xml name/Token

For Basket attributes, the Xml name/Token specifies the name of the XML attribute (against the document element) that will be provided with the basket when validating.

For Product attributes, this is the name of the attribute specified in the attributes list when importing the products.

Show in product lists

If this option is selected, the value of the attribute will be shown in the product lists used for either adding a product to a promotion, or for adding a product to the basket builder. A maximum of 10 attributes can be added to the product list. Attribute values shown in the product list are included when performing searches on the product list.


Provides a free-text description of the attribute and how it is used. This information is not used within Qixol Promo, but can be useful for other users to understand why an attribute exists, and how it is intended to be used.